The Gibson Les Paul Studio was re-fretted about 6 months ago by another individual. The guitar was sent to me, as she was fretting out in the upper registers. Upon inspection, some of the frets were not properly seated and they were dressed too aggressively. Even if I'd managed to seat the frets properly, they will be too low. The re-fret job was horrendous and not professionally done. Notice the chip along the edge of the fingerboard. A complete re-fret was agreed.

The frets are removed without any incident. The person who'd done the earlier re-fret had undercut the tang of the fretwire and did not glue down the fret ends. That explains why some of the fret ends were lifted. The problem was compounded further by the fact that some of the frets were not properly seated as well.
The fingerboard is now perfectly leveled, finish sanded, fret slots cleaned up and re-cut. We’re now ready to fret.

The frets are seated, fret ends slightly beveled, dressed and crowned.

The guitar is set up and ready to go.