The original nut and frets on the subject '67 Gibson SG are worn and in desperate need of replacement. After some discussion, the owner of the instrument chose to go with my preferred and highly recommended fretwire, which is similar to the popular Dunlop 6105 fretwire. The fretwire I use is 0.010" narrower than the 6105s.

The frets are carefully removed with minimal chipping.
The fingerboard is prepped and ready for the new frets. Great care and attention is paid to the prepping process, which involves leveling the fingerboard, cleaning and re-cutting the fret slots if necessary. We're now ready to fret.
Because the neck is bound, the tangs of the frets are undercut so they can go over the bindings.

The frets are seated, filed flush, slightly beveled, dressed, crowned and polished. Thanks to the immaculate prep work, only a light dressing was required. I'm very particular about fret dressing and play close attention so I don't remove more material than necessary.

The guitar is strung up to check for any uneven frets. I have a straight edge that can do the job but I sometimes string up the guitar and play for a while. I need to slot the new bone nut anyway and besides, it's not everyday that one get to work on a '67 Gibson SG and this guitar smokes:)
The new bone nut.
The guitar is set up and all ready to go. Fans of the local indie music scene may recognize this guitar. The owner is none other than Leslie Low formerly of "The Humpback Oak" and now "The Observatory".