The subject '02 Gibson SG Special suffered a broken headstock. The owner was carrying the guitar in a gig bag when the strap gave way. Be very careful when transporting your instrument in a gig bag. Always make sure the straps look secure.

The crack of the headstock is clean; glue is applied and securely clamped down for several hours.
The clamps are removed and glue squeeze out cleaned up.
The headstock is French polished and buffed. The crack is still visible but you can't feel it at all.
The tuners are installed and guitar strung up.
The guitar's set up and all ready to go.

Hereís the customerís comment on the guitar.

Hi Malcolm,


 the guitar sounds good, as though its never been broken at all. The finish is really great, the crack can't really been seen and your set up has made my guitar so much easier to play now. Thanks so much for your help.