The subject guitar is a Vincente Carrillo classical guitar. The original Brazilian Rosewood bridge had unexpectedly tore off. When I inspected the guitar, someone else had removed what’s left of the original bridge and a replacement rosewood bridge was subsequently glue on. However, the replacement bridge was way too thick and not properly glued to the top. The tone and playability of the guitar was severely affected.

The owner requested that I custom make a new bridge out of Brazilian Rosewood as per the original bridge. I then ordered a pre-fabricated Brazilian Rosewood bridge from a luthier supply store and inlayed the tie block with mother-of-pearl strips.

The earlier replacement Rosewood bridge is removed and the new Brazilian Rosewood is ready to be glued on. Notice the caul that will facilitate a good glue joint. Before gluing on the new Brazilian replacement bridge, the bridge area is carefully cleaned of all debris.

The bridge is clamped on. The placement of the bridge is critical, as any error will result in inaccurate intonation

The guitar’s all strung up and ready to go.

Here’s the comment from the owner of the guitar:

Hi Malcolm,

I'm truely thrilled with the guitar. The playability has improved tremendously. Not only is the volume louder but the sustain was great too. The action was great, I can now manage most of the difficult move which I face difficulty previously. Can't wait to restring the guitar with Savarez Corum.