The subject guitar is a custom Santa Cruz OM with Cocobolo back and sides. The owner would like to install the L.R. Baggs iBeam Active system.

In-line with my preference for non-invasive repairs, the end pin is carefully removed. Some people prefer sawing off the end pin extension and drilling through what's left of the end pin. If not carefully executed, the finish around the end pin will chip and damage the guitar. I prefer to remove the end pin and enlarge the hole by hand.

The end pin cavity has been carefully reamed to the 1/2" diameter of the preamp assembly. The walls of the cavity has also been sealed/finished. I do this to prevent moisture/humidity from affecting the tail block.

The preamp assembly is fitted through the end pin cavity but even with the preamp housing screwed all the way in, the preamp assembly still extend by almost 1/8" from the guitar.

A custom wood shim is made and placed between the locking screw and washers.

The preamp assembly is now properly fitted with just the right amount of protrusion from the tail block.

The preamp assembly is installed and the guitar's ready to be set up.

I'm sold on L.R. Baggs products. They sound fantastic. I love the thoughtfulness to their products and design. The battery for the preamp is housed in a nylon bag which is velcroed to the side of the guitar. There's also a small thumbwheel for volume control mounted on the side of the soundhole. Things couldn't be simpler. Having said that, it does take experience to properly install the iBeam Active Bridge Plate Transducer System.

The guitar's strung up and ready to go.

The beautiful Cocobolo back and sides.