Welcome to my shop page.

I'm presently the local dealer for Reverend guitars, Gries and Port City guitar amplifiers and cabs, PWE amps and guitars, Lizard Leg, Plum Crazy FX and Skreddy guitar effect pedals, and Budz pickups. I am always on the lookout for quality and value for money products to represent. Watch out for more new and exciting products in the future.

One thing you can be sure of. I will not be associated with or represent a brand or make unless Iím absolutely bowled over by their products.

I'm proud to present NosNuma guitars to the discerning musicians.

NosNuma guitars are a culmination of my guitar building, designing and repair experiences. Every component of the guitars are thought over from the neck profile to the fret size. No expense is spared to put together the best components in the guitars. High quality select custom specified necks and bodies, CTS pots, CRL switches, SBE Orange Drop and Mallory capacitors, Gotoh/Wilkinson hardware and custom wound pickups.

I've got very specific requirements for my personal "dream" guitar and I would like to believe NosNuma guitars represent a high quality, value for money instrument.

Please e-mail buy@mtlutherie.com for prices and appointments.