The subject guitar is a '02 Taylor 614-CE. Due to constant use by the owner who's a gigging musician, the 1st 8 frets are quite worn resulting in fret buzz. It's a good thing I have the exact fretwire Taylor uses as the owner would like to replace the worn frets.

The frets are removed and thank God there's no chipping along the fret slots. It takes experience and patience to remove the frets cleanly without any chipping. I do experience the occasional chipping but there's always a way to fix them so they're invisible.

Once the frets are removed, the fret slots are specially treated by a procudure I've developed from years of re-fretting that strengthens the integrity of the fret slots so they're good as new. The fingerboard is then perfectly levelled, finish sanded, fret slots cleaned up and re-cut if necessary. We're now ready to fret.

The neck is fretted and fret ends beveled as per the original frets.

I had to dress the frets slightly more than usual to match the existing frets but the dressing is still considered minimal. Extra care is taken to prevent taking off more than necessary fret material. The more the frets are dressed, the less playing life to the frets.

The frets have been crowned and lightly rounded to remove any sharp edges.

The frets are finish sanded and buffed.

The guitar's strung and she plays like new.
The owner requested a custom fitted clear Mylar pickguard. Notice how the edge of the pickguard follows the inside radius of the Rosette.

The guitar with new frets, pickguard and ready to go.